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PGA 2K21 GolfTrak Connector

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IMPORTANT: Extra Requirements

Important: An existing license to PGA Tour 2K21 on Steam is required so GolfTrak can connect to.

GolfTrak 2K21 connector simulates swings on the PC-only version of the game.

Purchase your license on Steam here.

Real Swings, Virtual Fairways: Unleash Your Skills in PGA2K21 with GolfTrak

Experience the pinnacle of golf gaming with GolfTrak's groundbreaking integration with PGA Tour 2K21. Our innovative technology bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds, turning your actual golf swing into dynamic in-game actions. Play the PC version of PGA2K21 like never before – control your virtual player using your own golf swing!

With GolfTrak, every drive, chip, and putt in your physical game translates seamlessly into precise movements on the screen, offering an unprecedented level of realism and immersion. Dive into the rich features of PGA2K games, including engaging career modes and thrilling tournament play. Watch your virtual player evolve alongside your real-world skills. Whether you're perfecting your swing in your living room or competing in virtual championships, GolfTrak ensures your real talent shines through in every shot.

Embrace this unique fusion of real-world golfing and virtual gaming. Improve your game, enjoy interactive play, and embark on a golfing journey that extends beyond the greens into the exciting realm of PGA Tour 2K21

Bring Your Swing to the Virtual Green

Experience the unique thrill of controlling your virtual player in PGA 2K21 with your own real-life golf swing. GolfTrak's integration transforms each physical movement into accurate, in-game actions, blurring the line between the virtual and real worlds.

Your Golf Swing On The PGA Tour

Play as your favorite PGA professional or watch your virtual player advance in PGA 2K21's career and tournament modes. Play against the best for a battle on the leaderboard and end of season victory.

Enjoy an incredibly unique gaming experience with GolfTrak's integration to PGA 2K21.

GolfTrak Simulator Comparison

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Practice and Improvement Facilities

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iOS Compatible

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Monthly Subscription Available

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