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What makes GolfTrak unique compared to other golf apps?

GolfTrak is the first mobile app that can track your golf swing AND connect to industry leading golf simulator software.

This unique combo - combined with it's outstanding accuracy - makes it a leader in the golf technology space.

Years of analysis, designs and

Is GolfTrak 100% Free?

Yes! You can use GolfTrak as your launch monitor to analyse your swing indoors, outdoors and even on the putting green.

If you wish to upgrade and take your virtual golf experience to the next level, you can purchase a free 14-day trial to one of our simulator programs here.

What is GolfTrak?

GolfTrak is an innovative app designed for golf enthusiasts. It integrates advanced technology into your phone, offering a cost-effective, high-quality solution for playing and practicing golf.

It's compatible with leading golf simulator software, enhancing your golfing experience through accurate and reliable technology.

Who is GolfTrak for?

GolfTrak is designed for everyone! Making golf more accessible and fun is what we strive for.

Whether it's a bunch of friends battling it out virtually on some of the most renowned courses in the world.

Or for the whole family who want to have more fun while playing and competing in golf.

To the golfer who wants to monitor their success, improve their game and appreciates technology's role in enhancing the game.

How does GolfTrak analyse my golf swing?

By using just the camera in your phone, GolfTrak uses proprietary models and algorithms to piece the photos together and provide precise analysis on your golf swing.

GolfTrak have introduced sophisticated machine learning models to help train it to recognise new environments and improve as you record more shots.

Find out more about how we use AI to improve your game here.


Do I need any additional equipment to use GolfTrak?

Because GolfTrak simply requires your smartphone, all it requires is a stable tripod or platform approximately 10-15cm/4-6 inches off the ground.

That's it! Once it's setup GolfTrak will leverage its built-in technology to enhance your golfing experience.

Where can I use GolfTrak?

GolfTrak can be setup to track your swings in a variety of environments:

  • Hitting into a screen or net: Indoors or outdoors, GolfTrak can analyse your ball flight and impact to produce accurate results.
  • Driving Range: GolfTrak can track your ball flight to deliver analysis and results on a range of hitting surfaces, whether it's indoors or outdoors.
  • Putting: GolfTrak has a unique algorithm to track the pace and distance of putts to help you work on consistency. Use Putting mode on any flat surface to see your results.
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