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Your phone is now your very own golf launch monitor!

Simple to setup, GolfTrak is your on-the-go launch monitor that uses only your phone to give you accurate swing data.
Connect and play virtual golf, challenge your friends and track your progress and improvement.

Getting Started is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

GolfTrak goes wherever you want to play

The convenience and versatility of having GolfTrak all on your phone means you can track shots on the driving range, indoor enclosures, outdoor nets and even on the putting green!

Place, Play, Perfect

Start by placing your phone on a steady surface such as a tripod behind the ball. GolfTrak's advanced sensors leap into action, tracking the path of your ball to deliver accurate results. It's like having a caddie who never misses a shot!


Connect and Compete

Easily connect GolfTrak to your favorite virtual golf simulator programs. Whether you're practicing alone or competing with friends, our seamless integration brings the golf course to your living room.


The More You Play, The Better It Gets

With GolfTrak, every swing counts. Switch on Innovation Mode and watch as our technology adapts, enhancing its accuracy with every session.


Discover the seamless blend of technology and golf.
Transform your phone into your personal golfing assistant with GolfTrak.

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