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Welcome to GolfTrak

Where the future of golf simulation is already in your pocket.

Our mission is simple

To bring the immersive experience of golf to everyone, everywhere, without the need for expensive hardware.

In a world where the golf simulator market is booming, GolfTrak stands out as the innovative solution that leverages the technology you already own.

The Revolution of Golf Simulation

GolfTrak is more than just an app; it's a movement towards accessible, enjoyable golf simulation. As hardware becomes a commodity and the industry races to the bottom, GolfTrak rises as the beacon of the hardware-less revolution.

Our free app transforms your iPhone, a device found in the pockets of 70% of golfers, into a powerful tool for playing simulated golf. With GolfTrak, the dream of playing 'Amen Corner', 'The Stadium Hole' or any course is just a download away, using leading third-party simulation software.

Our Journey

Founded in 2016 by Igor Vainshtein, a serial entrepreneur with over a decade in golf simulation and a quarter-century in tech, GolfTrak is the culmination of over seven years of in-house development.

Igor, holding a golf simulator patent and having built and successfully exited 24/7 Golf, brought together a multinational, multicultural, and multilingual team with a shared passion for sports, apps, technology, and innovation.

Our Vision

GolfTrak is designed for the modern golfer who values fun, simplicity, and convenience. Whether you're a "TopGolf Customer" or someone who enjoys a round of golf from the comfort of home, GolfTrak is for you.

Our app, compatible with industry-leading simulation software, offers the opportunity to practice, play, and have fun anywhere - be it at home or on the range.

Our commitment to quality means that after seven years of dedicated development, GolfTrak offers accuracy comparable to any launch monitor golf simulator on the market today.

Join Us on the Green

GolfTrak seeks to democratize golf simulation, making it accessible to everyone and anyone.

We're not just about technology; we're about bringing the joy and challenge of golf to your fingertips. With GolfTrak, every day is a day on the course.

Welcome to the future of golf. Welcome to GolfTrak.

Join us in this revolution, where your journey to the perfect swing begins with a simple download.

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